The start of something that’s probably fine


Here we go!!!

My name is Raquel, and I’m obsessed with other people’s blogs. I love writing, and I love fashion, and I love seeing people’s pretty pretty fashion pictures, and I dream of one day posting some of my own. Part of me thinks that’s a ridiculous aspiration, and that everyone around me would laugh or secretly roll their eyes. Plus, I’m a bit of a self-deprecating kind of person. So even if I did become a ~*~hugely successful fashion blogger,~*~ it wouldn’t be quite me without a healthy trace of crippling self doubt.

I’ve started and shared a few public blogs in the past. One time my coworker found one. So I pulled an ostrich and removed everything I ever had from the internet ever. And now I’m back, trying to live my life ~*~sin pena~*~. I’m also Cuban-American from Miami and will inevitably embellish most of my posts with Spanglish. OK this was fun talk to you later!!

PS. I just bought those loafers after 2 months of online shopping and returning and shopping and returning (which I admittedly I could’ve avoided had I just gone to ~*~an actual store~*~ but ugh who has time for that these days) and finally these came in and fit like a glove and were absolutely the gorgeous loafers I never knew I needed!


4 Replies to “The start of something that’s probably fine”

    1. Thanks for the welcome back, Linda! I will probably just keep this as my personal blog of ramblings and blogging experiments for the time being–publicizing currently gives me a lot of anxiety 😉
      Your blog looks lovely! I’d definitely give it a try!

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      1. Amazing! Well looking forward to seeing your journey unfold. I’m not sure I am ready myself. But also unsure how long it will remain a ‘secret’ for. It’s crazy how fast things can get around. xo


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