Airport Style: PDX >> MIA

I’m in Miami on a mini vacation this weekend for my sister’s birthday. I’ve been working from home for a few days so that I don’t completely neglect my job, but I’m also taking a day and a half off in the beginning of this upcoming week, because travel from East to West coast might as well be travel from US >> Europe, but also because… beach. And family time, I guess. Haha, jk. Totes family time.

But also the beach.

I had originally booked a 3-part flight (yikes) from Portland to Miami. Not sure what brilliance overcame me when I decided on that. Unfortunately, the first flight of three was significantly delayed, making a very tired and very nervous Raquel very anxious for the rest of this three-legged red eye. Thankfully, the staff at Alaska Airlines actually care about their customers, and I was able to switch to a later flight that removed one layover, and got me to Miami at the same time. Aaaaaaand, they put me in ~*~Economy Plus~*~. Which really only means that I got a measly snack box with some almonds and a few goldfish in addition to the default, measly free soda. I did get some extra legroom, though, which was definitely much appreciated. Still… probably wouldn’t book that for the advertised extra $64, lol..


I was feeling good in my airport getup. I recently splurged on a Vince cashmere cardigan, because I’m trying to invest in higher quality core items. I’m so glad I did! This cardigan is wonderfully warm, and soooooo soft. I’m also a sucker for oversized pieces. I paired it with a striped tee and some skinny jeans.

unnamed (1)


I was quickly welcomed by a cafe con leche and a tostada, which I had been craving for the last six months. Oh, and also my parents were there I guess. Ha, JK. I’ve been getting in some much needed family time. Living so far from my family has been pretty tough, on both ends.

FullSizeRender (2)

^^actual heaven.


Anyway, that’s all for now! This trip has been a whirlwind, and is quickly coming to a close. I got to spend the day at my happy place—the beach. Toying with the idea of going back tomorrow, even though I have a half work day to get through…….




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