The Joy of Being Back

There are a few things that I am unreasonably ecstatic about at this moment.

One: I currently have my apartment to myself, even if only for an hour. I know that means that my poor SO is sitting somewhere on some highway in some degree of traffic. But after 5 days of constant people interaction, this moment, for this introvert, is the essence of bliss.

Two: It’s still light out. I can’t remember the last time I got home and it was still light out. Which means two things: the days are getting longer (and brighter?? please say brighter!!); and, I got in to work before 9am this morning. Which never happens, even though I truly wish it would! I hate being the last one in the office. But, given my boyfriend’s former work schedule and his night-owl tendencies, getting to work “on time” has become increasingly more and more difficult. But, not anymore!!! Boyfriend has a new job–and a new schedule. Which means, mama can get to work on time!!

Three: I skipped the gym. And I don’t feel guilty about it. I’m never not some level of tired, so I try not to toss around the “sleepy” excuse too often. But, sometimes, you’re the kind of tired where you know you need to take a step back, and take. it. eeeeeasy. So, tonight, I’m treating myself to an evening of literally nothing. I’m not going to think about making dinner. I’m not going to bother unpacking. I’m not going to shop for car insurance, or entertain any of those other pesky adult errands? NOT. TODAY.

Man. It’s good to be back.


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