That one time I spent ten minutes on my hair


I cut my hair short about three months ago…something like that. And then I cut it again about 7 weeks after that. Previously, I would schedule a haircut once every, like, year or so. So, 7 weeks between haircuts was definitely something to write home about. Literally. I’m writing about it now.

I had been dreaming about getting a bob for years. Once I found a hair dresser that knew what she was doing, I decided to bite the bullet. And now, I luuuuuuurve my burb!

One of the main reasons I was excited for it was the prospect of creating easy and quick waves, which I was always too lazy to endeavor with my longer, thicker hair. “Texture!” I romanticized. “Volume!” “Beach waves every day!” Obviously, I was about to look fab and chic like Emma Stone all the time. Also this is literally the photo I brought to my hairdresser–“Make me Emma Stone, please.”


OK. So, I didn’t turn out quite as glam. Still, I was (and still am!) obsessed. In the shorter stages of by bob’s life, it had been pretty easy to manage, and I was too lazy to play around with it. Now, I’m at the stage where it’s starting to become a bit more unkempt, and yesterday I decided to actually give it a little attention.

That, and I had conveniently come across this lob styling tutorial from a beautiful Australian bombshell Vlogger named Pia whose life and hair (and arms, apparently) I immediately began to covet.

After having washed my hair last night, I followed Pia’s guidance, moussed up my hair (except with way cheaper, way worse Suave product) and blow-dried it…kind of. The next morning, since apparently I’m still on East Coast time, I got up BEFORE 8:30 AGAIN (I love love this new wake-up schedule I swear) and dusted off the curling wand I had impulse purchased a year ago. A few twists of hair around the curling wand, and voila! I had transformed my weird, stiff bedhead to a textured, ~*~volumized~*~ bob! Which, I suppose, is no surprise for people who, you know, pay attention to how their hair looks. But, hey–I’m trying!

image1 (2)

FullSizeRender (2)

But, seriously. This was super easy. And I didn’t look like I had spent the entire morning crafting the perfect curls to go in to my “casual attire” startup job. I’m all about sustainable habits–and this is one I can get behind. Thanks, Youtube!

Happy Friday, everyone!!



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