Any first step is a good first step…right?

It’s 8:35am, and rather than being in my car or on a bus headed in to work, I am sitting under my covers with a cold brew in hand and a new purpose in life.

Ha, just kidding. Mainly, it’s Friday, and I don’t care to be early to work today. I’ve also got a lot on my mind,’s blogging time.

Yesterday was a momentous day in my career. A career breakthrough, if you will.

My direct manager flew in from HQ, and set up an hour long one-on-one session with me, which would normally make me nervous, ha. But we’ve got a good relationship, and subjects like title changes have been in the air, so I had a feeling this would be a good session. Turns out, it was the best one-on-one I’d have!

Intense career overthinking and angst is a daily part of my life, and I’ve been trying to put together a career path that would fit all of these random interests I seem to harbor–the visually sensitive part of me, that thrives on beautiful aesthetics and design; the mathematically-focused part of me, with an affinity for picking out patterns in data; even the writing piece, to a certain extent…is it possible for all these things to align somewhere in one nicely wrapped career box?

I’m starting to think…possibly?

The main discussion of our 1:1 ended up being about long-term career development. Music to my ears!! “Have you thought about where you want to go, long term?” She asked. “I’ve had some thoughts about this, yeah,” I replied. What I meant to say…ONLY EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE DO I THINK AND OBSESS ABOUT THIS I AM STILL VERY CONFUSED BUT I THINK I HAVE SOME IDEAS

Ultimately, she brought up a career path that I was too imposter-syndromed to even consider. “What about UX Design?” she asked. “I think you’ve be really great at that.”

My eyes lit up. ~*~DESIGN??~*~ I’ve always wanted to call myself a designer. But there was always a key piece missing there. You know, the fact that I’ve like never done any actual design ever in my entire life? The fact that I’m really not the most artistically inclined person ever and that like even the stick people I draw are kind of ugly?

The good-ish news is, UX design seems to be a field where many successful folks are self-taught, and did not necessarily come from design backgrounds. UX design seems to be a fairly broad field, and one where my methodical and systematic neuroses might come in handy. It seems to be a lot of human psychology at its core…what makes a user click one button as opposed to the other? Why the drop off from one screen to the next? What minutiae can we change to increase that particular conversion rate?

I feel revived after that conversation yesterday. I feel as if my place is in this company has a whole new layer of purpose. I began our conversation letting her know–listen. I do not want to be a Customer Advocate forever. I am very much looking to jump ship onto something I like better, and hopefully soon. So, I’m extremely pleased to know that they see eye-to-eye with me on this! I didn’t think that was even remotely the case, given that the folks they’ve been hiring at HQ seem to be industry experts. Eventually, though, as we really grow, they’ll start to make space for some more junior people in each team. Enter baby UX designer Raquel??? MAYBE???

I’m going to do a bit of research out there, to find out what a good first step would be to delve into this world. Honestly, any first step would probably be a good step, amirite? Just starting the exploration is really what’s key here. So, here we go! The UX journey begins!

Also, any recommendations out there in the UX design blog-verse are very much welcome 🙂


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