New hair, new shoes…

New me?

Nahhhhh. I’m still the same person.

I did decide on a (sort of) whim to go blonde yesterday. I’m surprising myself these days with how “bold” I’m being with my hair. Given that a year ago, the average time in between haircuts was 9 months, I’m not sure I recognize this new, bobbed and bleached Raquel. Literally. I don’t recognize her…who is this blonde person in my mirror?


Much has happened in my overall life recently, and I haven’t had the patience to write about it. Some big relationship talks have been had. Not resolved, but at least had. I’m beginning to sense a more concrete change (finally!!) in my role at work. Lots more Ruby and technical work in my future, as of last week. Amidst the UX Design, data engineer, and writer career path confusion, I’ve decided to continue (for now) on the least sexy, most prudent path of them all, and carry on with the data path.

The biggest thing I’ve come to terms with, is that your next step is not your final step. Your next career move is not your ultimate career move. I was stopping myself from going forward in a direction that made complete and logical sense, all because I was nervous I’d end up in a dry, boring career that I’d regret forever. But learning these skills ultimately opens more doors than it closes, and I would be stupid to give that up because of its unglamorous nature. So after a few-week long setback, I’m back on the Ruby train. Onward and upwards!

Anyway. So this blonde hair…..

The fun part about hair color is, you can always change it to something else. So, we’ll see if I start to recognize myself as the weeks go by. Otherwise, it’s a smooth and gradual transition back to brunette I go. Plus, who doesn’t love a little ombré?

That really did not need to be in Italics.

Aaaaaanyway. I guess I’m sensing a very “just try it out!” theme in my life these days. I think the appearance of the sun has a lot to do with it… SPEAKING OF WHICH. The sun has been out CONSISTENTLY for more than 4 days. You guys. This is the dream. Maybe I can stay in Portland forever……….

image3Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes somehow comes to mind… 



OOTD with new shoes and new hairrr

Until next time!


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