Thrifty finds and learning to Tripod

My oh my! What a busy month May turned out to be. Undoubtedly, the sun being out had everything and anything to do with it. My…is that the sun? COMMENCE IMMEDIATE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY.

As a result, my indoor hobbies, including blogging, became very much neglected. Also, I was feeling pretty impostor syndrome-y, so, you know…also that.

The end of May, however, I decided to suck it up and be bold! My SO and I took a birthday road trip to Vancouver, BC, and I forced myself to record certain bits of it. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt a very strong connection to the medium of video. I am not remotely looking to be the next big Youtuber, but I can’t help but recall the excitement that would arise in me as a child during family parties and get-togethers when it came time to take out the camcorder and begin capturing family memories. That bright-eyed excitement had been lost for a while, until I started considering filming some of my trips and adventures. Why not, amirite?!

Alas, I am on a (somewhat lazy and un-pressing) mission to rekindle the love I once had for the camera. I looked into buying a camcorder, and decided to hold off on spending hundreds of dollars until I have proven to myself that I will actually use the damn thing. So, my iPhone has now become my video training wheels.

I will post the video up once I’m done editing it—another activity that I’ve quite taken to. Who knew that video editing was even within the realm of possible hobbies for me? There are some very obvious and cringeworthy filming faux-pas embedded in it…but that’s how you learn, isn’t it? 😉

This recent emboldening, coupled with my childhood best friend gifting me a tripod (thank you Amazon wishlist, for creating the space for every item I really want but can’t rationalize actually purchasing for myself), has brought me back to this blog again. New toys, new posts!

So, today, loving the color palette of my outfit, and taking advantage of the prime natural light that cloudy Portland was providing, I decided to give the ol’ tripod a whirl. A twist of fate led me to simultaneously learn the power of the iPhone “burst”—a faux fashion blogger’s dream!

So I bring you to the series I like to call, “Raquel learns how to Tripod“. Enjoy!

Let’s skip the first few, which were…. subpar. lol.

image2 (2)How not to do lighting: and other short stories. I need a prop.. oh, sure!–maybe I’ll lean on my beautiful ~air conditioner~… 😂

image1 (3)Lighting is still wrong, but we’re having fun, and we’re doing our best.

image4Still not quite right, but we’re experimenting with different backdrops. Let’s trying sitting on my picturesque unmade bed. Make sure to look solemn AF.

image3 (2)You’re getting there. You’re trying your hardest. Better hurry up before boyfriend finishes playing video games, though. 

image5Oooh, outside! Yes, this is good. You can see the clothes better here. While we’re here: I’m wearing these nice, fitted army green jeans that I got for $9 (!!) at a local thrift store, a textured white lace top, also from said thrift store. Plus my trusty beige cardigan.

image6There we go! Much better. Plus, look how pretty the trees are. Isn’t Portland gorgeous?


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