HTML + CSS: Week 1ish

FullSizeRender (4)

I can feel the creative juices flowing! Unfortunately, they are flowing at work, when I have other things I don’t want to do, to do.

On this episode of Raquel changes her career path..again: I have decided to be a web designer. lol.

Ok, well maybe not yet. I have decided, however, to very seriously consider that as a path, and to take concrete measures to kind of get there…or at least to go in that direction. Learning Ruby has helped me to define more practically how to approach learning web development, so despite this being my third time attempting to learn HTML and CSS, I feel eons more ready than I did when I first tried 2 years ago.

Thus, I’ve started to take this HTML and CSS course on EdX. I’m documenting here to hold myself accountable, and will hopefully continue to document my learning journey.

So far, week one is done. On to week two! That’s already better progress than the first time I tried taking this very course.

AND, I have what every learner needs—a project to work through that directly uses those skills. Two of my closest friends are getting married [to each other!] in May 2018, and I just know they’re aching for me to create an amateur and shitty wedding website for them.

No, but seriously. I offered, they accepted, and I am being very honest about the potential for this to just completely fall through the cracks. But, I’ve got until January to get my act together. And the handy website The Knot is available to catch my web design fall. So, here we go!

What could possibly go wrong? 😱


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