This weekend: the Get Your Shit Together weekend

I’m excited for this weekend! I literally have no plans. No one to meet. No dogs to view. No houses to check out.

Instead, my plans are to tidy up the mess of a life I’ve created as of late, lol. I call this my, “Get you shit together weekend.”

I’ve been doing a lot of things at once recently, particularly in the last two weeks. Our lease is up in August, so naturally, I urgently and obsessively began looking for apartments. We saw one house, which I was convinced was the house, turns out it was not the house, and that was that. lol. Things at work have been in a state of flux, but no one was really addressing said changes. Throw in frustration with my own Ruby abilities, and you have a recipe for an exhausting few weeks at work.

Then, there was the whole dog thing. I have been obsessed with dogs for at least two years now. When we moved into our current place about a year ago, we rented it with the intent of filling it with a forever furry friend. Last weekend, for whatever reason, something clicked in me, and it became my sole purpose in life to FIND. THAT. DOG. As I feverishly searched and opened every tab on Petfinder, I would find one dog, become obsessed with it, convince myself it was THE DOG, and would drop everything to go meet it. (I even left work in the middle of the day on Thursday to drive in 2 hours of traffic and meet “Sweet Pea,” who, as it turns out, did not find me to be as sweet.)

I know, I know. It’s the environment they’re in—those poor things are caged and confused, and some even assume that their previous owners are going to come back. Unideal for meeting your new human.

I unfortunately felt no connection with these dogs. And after hearing from several dog owners that rescued, I’m trusting that “you’ll just know when you find your dog.” So I just have to be patient.

I suppose it’s for the best. I’m going out of town the next two weekends, anyway, so it wouldn’t be great to have to move new doge around a bunch when she just got here.

Lesson learned, though: calm the f down and don’t force any doggie relationships. There’s literally no rush to do this. lol

Boyfriend also noted that I may have been projecting my lack of control at work onto this dog goal. If I couldn’t control the moving parts of my job, then maybe I could at least control this facet of my life. I think he was right.

Anyway. I’m looking forward to taking this weekend and cleaning up my huge mess of a room, finally stepping foot on a treadmill after two weeks of sitting around being fluffy, doing some damn laundry, and just sitting through those damn HTML/CSS lectures, already!

Hope your weekends are as productive or as rejuvenating as you want them to be!



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