Day 36: The Active Record Class..or something like that.

Well, wudduyaknow. Writing about programming and the process of learning how to program is much easier said than done. I find myself writing draft after draft, finding only a brief moment of courage where I am tempted to hit “Publish,” only to quickly move my cursor towards the ‘x’ next to my WordPress tabs. Who … More Day 36: The Active Record Class..or something like that.

365 Days of Coding

OK so I know that two posts ago I was all “I’m going to split my year into 4 educational phases,” but as I struggled to finish yet another self-paced online course while continuing to cut my teeth in Ruby at work, I realized that even this plan of “focus” was perhaps not focused enough. … More 365 Days of Coding

Camping Trip 2017

The best part about camping–is when you are finally no longer camping. Just kidding. But, my God. It’s good to be home. We only went for one night, and actually had a pretty delightful time. It was just myself, bae, and our friend Shun for the evening. The site was beautiful, we got to spend some time … More Camping Trip 2017